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Fuel Saving Tips June 13, 2013

We find that a lot of Chicago service and repair at Triangle Auto Service are a little tentative when they talk with their automotive advisors. They want to ask questions, but donít want to be embarrassed or to seem pushy. Cars are very complicated and thereís more to know about them than most of us have the time to learn. Maybe itís because cars have become so much more reliable that the average person just doesnít need to know as much to keep their vehicle on the road.
You know, your local hospital has a Patientís Bill of Rights that they post throughout the hospital. We think our Chicago automotive service customers also have a right to ask any question they need to understand what is wrong with their car and what it will take to fix it. They need to feel free to ask the cost and benefits of recommended services. And they certainly have a right to understand the financial end of the transaction.
Itís all about the communication. Itís a little harder when youíre trying to find the right service center in Chicago. But once youíve developed a relationship, the communication should come easier.
What are some of the barriers to communication? Well, letís go back to the medical example. When your doctorís explaining something to you, itís something that she understands very well and is very familiar with. So she may use jargon you donít understand or that you donít have the education and training thatís foundational to understanding what sheís trying to explain.
So you fall behind and get frustrated.
It can be the same with your Chicago automotive service advisors. Most of them are very busy trying to service and fix cars to get their customers back on the road. So, just ask when you feel you need more information.
Financial related issues seem to be most frustrating to customers. If youíre not sure, ask what the payment policies are. For example, thereís a big difference between giving your car a quick once over and doing a thorough inspection. Diagnosing a problem may take quite a while. Make sure you know whatís done as a courtesy and what has a fee. Remember, you still have to pay for the office visit even if the doctor says you only have a cold.
Communication is a two way street. If you have some real budget concerns, ask your Chicago service advisor what he can do. He can give you priorities and options. He can tell you what needs to be taken care of right away for safety or financial reasons. Then you can work out a plan for when to get the rest done. He can also help you with options on the parts. The preference is to always use a high-quality part with a reputation for reliability. But if money is real tight, he might be able to find a rebuilt part or a used part. He should tell you the difference in the guarantee for the part so you can make a good decision.
Ask about warranties for parts and labor. Be sure to get all the paperwork you need to make a possible claim in the future. Your service center and its technicians stand behind their work and want you to understand precisely what that means.
Be sure to ask for and keep a detailed explanation of all the work thatís done on your vehicle. These records will help you keep track of service, warranties and document the good care your vehicle has received when the time comes to sell it.
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