Cold air blows, when heat is on.

insufficient heat October 13, 2010

With winter on its way we are getting a lot of concerns of insufficient heat in customers vehicles.  The problem is when summer months approach and you turn the heat off in your vehicle.  The antifreeze just sits in your heater core and starts to produce a scale on the inside of the heater core.  Once this scale gets heavy or thick enough it prevents the heater core from dissipating heat properly resulting in less heat in the passenger compartment.  If this scale doesn't plug a heater core up completely, it may be a candidate for a reverse flush.  Reverse flushing the heater core brakes up the scale and can restore a heater core back to its original performance.  A reverse flush consists of flushing clean water with air pressure in the opposite path that water normally flows thru the heater core.  A reverse flush may or may not take care of your problem but we can usally tell by checking the vehicle first.  One reason a reverse flush would be an option is it is considerably less expensive then replacing a heater core.  If the heater core needs to be replaced we can do it.  However, if it's a candidate for a flush we'll take care of it that way instead.  Bring in your car for an expert opinion before replacing a part and incuring a cost you may not need.  Winter is coming...we all know it...check your heat now.   Please feel free to contact us:  Triangle Auto Service, 4060 N. Elston, Chicago Il. 60618, 773-539-5858, 


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