What our oil change includes

oil change special September 28, 2010

Changing your cars oil at regular intervals keeps the inter working components cleaner, well lubricated, and catches and removes combustion elements that can lead to wear in the engine.  This is the simplest, least expensive, and most important service you can do to extend your vehicles life.  The advantage of having Triangle auto service change your oil versus a "quick lube" ... We only hire full time certified mechanics.  So every three months you have a certified mechanic checking your vehicle.  Having your vehicle inspected periodically can prolong the life of many major components of your vehicle by diagnosing repair issues before they become major problems.  Don't assume that getting your oil changed at a "quick lube" comes with a thourough inspection.  Every oil change includes:

1. Auto transmission fluid level - Check level, color, if burnt

2. Battery - Inspect & fill

3. Belts (Tension) - Check, inspect for cracking

4. Brakes (fluid level) - Check if low, condition of fluid

5. Brakes (Lines, Shoes / pads) - Check thickness, and wear

6. Brakes (Pedal Adjustment) - Check if low, further brake inspection recommended

7. Cooling System (Coolant Level) - Check level, color, freezing point

8. Cooling System (Hose Condition) - Check for cracks, leaks or wear

9. Differential Housing - Inspect leaks, metal shavings

10. Door Latches & Hinges - Check, Lubricate if necessary

11. Engine Oil - Change Filter

12. Engine Oil - Change Oil

13. Exhaust System - Check for holes, missing support hangers or other defects

14. Front Wheel Alignment - Check to manufactures specs.

15. Fuel Leaks - Check for seepage, condition of connections, lines

16. Gear Box (Fluid Level) - Check level, condition of fluid,

17. Hoses - Inspect & Review as needed

18. Leaks under vehicle - Check any fluid leaks

19. Lights (Brake & Tail lamps) - Check all lights working

20. Lights (Headlights) - Check lights and high beams working properly

21. Lights (Parking & Backup lights) - Check condition

22. Lug nut & Bolt tightness - Check tightness, missing or broken bolts

23. Mirrors - Check cracks

24. Parking Brake (Adjustment) - Check level

25. Power Steering (Fluid Level) - Check level, condition of fluid or if contaminated

26. Power Steering (Hoses) - Check for cracks , leaks

27. Steering (linkage) - Check for lube points, loose or worn parts

28. Suspension & Undercarriage - Check integrity of wearable parts

29. Universal Joints - Check / Service as needed

30. Wheels & Drums - Inspect thickness, dust

31. Wipers (Function & Blade Condition) - Check blade wear,

32. Wipers (Washer & Fill Resivor) - Check level fill level

33. Battery - Load Test, Volts and Amps

34. Serpentine belt - inspect, check for wear

35. High Pressure Lines & Clamps - Check for leakage

36. Safety Inspection - Check and Advise

37. Brakes - Look for oil residue on inside of wheel ( can indicate bad brake cylendar or axel seal)

38. Constant Velocity - Check joins for wear or tears

39.  Shock and Struts -Check for wear or leakage

40. Tire Pressure - Check to manufactures specs.

Every vehicle undergoes a full inspection when we perform oil changes.  Any concerns will be brought to the owners attention.  If it needs attention now we can address it, if it can wait we'll tell you.  Please feel free to contact us any time and ask about our oil change specials.  Triangle Auto Service, 4060 N. Elston, Chicago Il. 60618, 773-539-5858, www.triangleradiator.com, www.triangleradiator.net, www.chicagobrakerepair.com  


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