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When should I change my cars oil

January 30, 2015

How to Know When to Change Your Oil At Triangle Auto Service

Today in the Triangle Auto Service auto care blog, we’re going to talk to Chicago motorists about oil change intervals. It seems that as engine technology advances, recommended oil change intervals have gotten longer for Triangle Auto Service customers. High quality oil in...read more

Recommend oil change intervals Chicago

February 13, 2014

Triangle Auto

read more

Fuel injection
June 13, 2013

In very simple terms, a fuel injector is a valve that squirts fuel into your Minivan engine. Your engine control computer tells the fuel injector how much fuel to deliver as well as the precise time it should be delivered. Of course this happens thousands of times a minute in every single fuel-injected car driving down Old irving park,...read more

oil change intervals
June 13, 2013

We live in such a disposable society. It’s amazing all the stuff we throw away. New stuff comes out so fast, we just toss the old and move on. In the old days people were real sticklers about taking care of their things. If something got lost or ruined by neglect, tough – they had to do without. Most people couldn’t afford new cars very...read more

What our oil change includes

September 28, 2010

Changing your cars oil at regular intervals keeps the inter working components cleaner, well lubricated, and catches and removes combustion elements that can lead to wear in the engine.  This is the simplest, least expensive, and most important service you can do to extend your vehicles life.  The advantage of having Triangle...read more


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