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Chicago's Auto Repair Center For Over 40 Years

We started in 1966 as a one-man auto servicing center. We have grown since then, adding another location and many more employees. We still pride ourselves in being a "quality-first" auto repair shop, meaning that we use and suggest quality auto parts to all our customers. We are still family owned and operated. Gary, who started the business in 1966 still comes to work everyday, sees customers, and works on vehicles when necessary. In a world of warehouses, where they sell everything except service, we have found our niche. We know our customer's names, the type of repair service they expect, and the quality they demand. We appreciate all of our customers, treat them like family, offer great auto service, give them quality products at a fair price and they return for those reasons. Thank you for spending the time to visit our site. Bryan

*5 Blocks East of the Kennedy Expressway. Within Walking Distance to Blue-Line and Metra Stations